Vanuatu Senior Masters 2016

Port Vila Golf Country Club

Vanuatu Senior Masters 2016

VANUATU SENIOR MASTERS 2016Port Vila Golf & Country Club invites you to participate in the annual Vanuatu Senior Masters 2016 tournament.

When: 6th, 7th, 8th May 2016

Participants: Open to Male and Female players 50 years and over.

Format: 54 hole Stableford

Entry Fee:

  • Players: VT 20,000¬†includes Tropical Gift Bag, Welcome Cocktail, 3 rounds of Golf and Presentation Dinner
  • Non Players: VT 10,000 includes Tropical Gift Bag, Welcome Cocktail and Presentation Dinner

The competition will run from Friday 6th May through to Sunday 8th May;

  • Entrants must be at least 50 years of age on or before the 5th May 2016
  • Entries close 8th April 2016



  1. VSM Procedure The V.S.M will be played under the Stableford format over three 18 hole rounds at the conclusion of the second round of stableford a seeded draw will take place for round three. There will be no opportunity for players to request tee times for all rounds. There will be two grades each for male and female players the cut off for grades will be 16 for men and 18 for ladies, these may be modified at the discretion of the match committee depending on entries.
    1. The winner(s) in their grade with the highest stableford score at the end of the competition will be the winner(s). The overall highest winner for male and female will be the Vanuatu Senior Masters.
    2. Prizes in each grade are for winners, runner up, 3rd place.
    3. Daily prizes for highest stableford score in each grade. Players are entitled to one daily prize. There are nearest the pins and straightest drives these are unlimited.
  2. Ties shall be determined by using the Golf Australia count back system. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by sudden death play off over holes 10, 17,18, the winner being the player with the highest stableford score, if still tied, then play by sudden death over hole 18. If insufficient time is available for a play off joint winners will be declared.
    1. VSM Match Committee The VSM match committee will comprise the chairman of VSM plus 1 male and 2 female members of V.S.M committee, duly appointed to this role.
    2. In the absence of a full senior match committee such members that may be present at the time may give a decision and any decision so given will be deemed to be a decision of the full V.S.M match committee.
    3. The decision of the V.S.M match committee as to acceptance of any entry will be final.
  3. Rules of Play The Rules of Golf as adopted by R & A rules limited will apply together with any local rules as drawn up by the V.S.M match committee.
  4. Entries
    1. GA Handicap Eligible players are male or female amateurs who posses a G.A Handicap (or overseas equivalent). Once the players have registered their handicaps, the committees will enter their playing handicap onto their score card. Rule 6.2b does not apply.
    2. Age Eligible players must be 50 years of age or over at the first day of play.
    3. Entry Fee The entry fee applicable for this event is VT20,000. Non playing fee is VT10,000.
    4. Close of entries 8th April 2016.
  5. Motorised Transport Carts are permitted and are limited contact PVG&CC for booking. Local caddies are available at a reasonable price. V.S.M takes no responsibility for the availability of golf carts.
  6. Practice A practice round is available on Thursday 5th May. PVG&CC will provide a competition in the afternoon all players are cordially invited, no green fees apply for this day.
    1. There is a roped practiced area please play within the confines of this area.
  7. Starting Times Competitors must register 30 minutes before their starting time on each day of play. Rule 6.3a will be strictly adheared to.
    1. Tee off will start at 11.00am for day one and two and 10.30 day three from the first and tenth tees.
  8. Pace of Play Rule 6.7 will be strictly adheared to.
    1. Players are expected to discontinue play of a hole once their stableford score is more than one over their fixed score.
  9. Acts of God Competition Rules, times and course may change due to circumstances beyond the control of the V.S.M. and PVG&CC.
  • For more information, contact secretary at

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